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Cake Decorating | Sugar Press | Sassy


* 6mm thick
* Super durable food-safe acrylic
* Colour co-ordinated upper and lower case sets
* Extra set of lower case vowels & commonly used letters (m, n, p, r, s and y)
* Perfect for use on a cake board or cake tiers no limits whatsoever

Sugar Press are so easy to use, just pick the letters you want to use, impress into fresh fondant, lift off and fill in with either paint, dust or royal icing.
They are made from a very durable 6mm food safe acrylic, making it very easy to grip when lifting back off your cake.
Each letter has two layers - a coloured layer and a clear layer. The clear layer goes to the top so you always know which way is the right side up.

Approx Sizing - NUMBER SET:br>Numbers: Approx. 4-4.5cm
Symbols: Approx. 3-3.5cm