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Digital Waterproof Thermometer


Gauging the internal temperature of your baked goods is hard but with the LOYAL Digital Waterproof Thermometer you can now do this without a problem!

The stainless steel probe (125mm) is ideal for taking temperatures in food processing, food storage, brewing and many more. With a variety of applications use it when you're making steak, chocolate, candy or grilling meat.

The digital display shows accurate temperature readings, allowing you to no longer have to make any guesses as to whether your food is cooked to the right temperature or not.


  • Automatic power OFF
  • Probe length: 125mm
  • ON/OFF switch
  • Stainless steel food grade probe
  • Sampling time 1 sec
  • Data hold
  • Max/Min temperature memory
  • Protective probe cover
  • Range  -50°C to +150°C  /  -58°F to +302°F

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