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Edible Wafer Paper | Thick | A4 10 sheets


WHITE Rectangle Wafer Paper (THICK) - A4 size (Pack of 10)

High quality rectangular edible wafer paper (rice paper) is great for making edible flowers. They have a mild vanilla flavour.  

Wafer paper is best stored in an air-tight container when pack is opened, below 25°C, at a relative humidity of 60-75% and away from sources of moisture and heat. DO NOT store in the open air. DO NOT store below 10°C. This product will be more flexible if used in a warm humid environment. Use in cold dry conditions will make this product very brittle and likely to break, crumble and snap. 

Paper thickness = 0.6mm.

Ingredients: potato starch, water and vegetable oil. 

Made in Germany. 

A4 size - 8" x 11" printable area (each sheet measures 210mm x 295mm).