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Isomalt Nibs | Clear | 1kg


These precooked Isomalt Nibs by Cake Craft lets you easily create beautiful isomalt gems, accents & more without the hassle of working with traditional isomalt. Isomalt nibs are pre-cooked isomalt that can easily be melted in the microwave allowing you to start decorating quickly. Packed in a convenient resealable pouch for easy storage. Unused Isomalt nibs can be stored in an air tight container for up to 2 years. Isomalt nibs can also be tinted using gel paste colouring. Each Isomalt Nibs Clear pouch is approximately 250g.

Melting Instructions
1. Place Isomalt Nibs Clear in microwavable cup & melt in 20 second increments until liquid & bubble form.
2. If cooking on the stovetop, place desired number of nibs in an ovenproof pan over low to medium heat. Stir gently as the nibs begin to melt. Do not overheat.
3. Once melted, Isomalt Nibs Clear can be poured, pulled or blown to create isomalt decorations. You can also add gel food colouring to melted isomalt.

Below is for the powder/ crystals

Isomalt is a sugar replacement that is used to make hard candy & pulled sugar items because it hardens with a crystal clear finish & tends to be less sticky compared to real sugar. You can use them with our jewel moulds. Comes in a 1kg pack.

Isomalt Hard Candy/Jewel Recipe

1 cup Isomalt
1/3 cup distilled hot water
Cake Craft Gel for colour (optional)
LorAnn Candy Oil for flavouring (optional)

Combine Isomalt & water in a 1 quarter heavy saucepan & cook it over medium heat while stirring until crystals dissolve. Dip pastry brush & wash down sides to prevent crystallizing. Monitor temperature using a candy thermometer & at 120 degrees Celsius, colouring can be added. Cook till 160 degrees Celsius & remove the pan from heat. Set saucepan into a cold water pan to stop cooking process. Stir in flavouring when syrup stops bubbling. Sugar syrup is ready for pieces, molds, pulling, & sugar blowing.