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Pirates | Sugar Decorations | Assorted | 6pcs


Compressed Sugar Dec-Ons Can Dec-Ons decorations be frozen? Yes, Dec-Ons decorations can be frozen. They can be used to decorate frozen products, such as ice cream cakes, and will also withstand the freeze/thaw process.

Are there any allergens in Dec-Ons decorations? Egg whites, Dec-Ons decorations are manufactured in a facility that produces products containing eggs and soy products. Formulations that do not contain allergens are produced first on the equipment at the beginning of the day. Once complete, production moves into the formulations that contain allergens. A complete wash down and sanitation of the equipment is conducted at the end of the manufacturing shift. So while all care is taken, eggs are present in this facility. The following ingredients are NOT used in this manufacturing facility and will not come into contact with the products being produced: wheat, milk, fish, shell-fish (crustaceans) peanuts and/or tree nuts. Gluten Free Kosher - Orthodox Union Kosher Certified Please note-These decorations are packed in boxes with an assortment of designs/colours.

When buying boxes, please be aware that boxes will be sent as per the breakdown from the manufacturer and cannot be split or adjusted.